Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What we have been up to....

So, I thought I had better get a lot of pictures out, since it seems to be quite difficult for me to find time to get on the computer much these days.

First things first.

Wow! These kids are great. ALL of them. The adjusting continues to be going SO well and we feel so fortunate and blessed.

For any of you readers out there, that are still considering your adoption plans, we would love to put a HUGE plug in for getting older kids, AND for getting more than one. I know at Gladney, there were several precious, beautiful kids at the older kids foster home, who are not matched with a family. That means they are just WAITING for a family. Maybe yours? All the infants at the Gladney homes are matched with families, but when you see these 20 or so kids ages 2-11 that are so ready, but few are pursuing older kids, it just makes you wonder how many you can cram into your own house, you know?

Now on to our life:

Our life is full. Our driveway is full of trikes, skateboards, bikes, rip sticks, sidewalk chalk, bats, balls...., our laundry room is FULL (no more explanation needed), our days are full of adjusting, our pantry and fridge are stuffed full of food, our dining room table is full of laughter (along with chunks and crumbs on the floor), our stomachs are full (although, ridiculously, we take this for granted), our floor is full of hot wheels, legos, snap-beads, etc, the kids are full of medicine (boo-hiss -- giardia), our counter is full of backpacks, lunch boxes, school papers, pokemon cards (for a few more days, at least, and then stored away in a full closet until school starts), our house is just plain full.

But most thankfully full of God's goodness and grace (a VERY good thing since we are far from perfect parents with far from perfect kids).

The twins said they just weren't tired, so REALLY didn't need a nap. So here we are, as CJ got home from school, all zonked. But, hey, we weren't really tired....
Oh, and I found out that, yes, my lap IS big enough!

A rite of passage for the boys in our house, and Jambo can be no exception. This is, however, the first time we are putting this on the internet where it will be a permanent fixture in cyberspace. I think Kume knows it. Can't you just tell?

Who knew they would LOVE raw onions? What a great snack (huh?) to tide them over while I am getting dinner ready. This may be an excellent tactic right before they leave for a date someday.....

Memorial Day at Hager Park with Farmboy's side of the family.

Jambo's hair is starting to get long again.
I was thinking of doing those super-cute mini-dreads on him. We'll see.
Man, I am having fun!

This is generally their favorite way to view the world.
This time with Zgirl and cousin Claire.

Those first few days in Ethiopia, I am not sure I could have envisioned this. But now our sweet Kume is head over heels over her daddy.

OK, I think Kume smiles about 98.7% of the time. This is one of the lovely ones.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Are they listening?

Apparently they liked the music in church today. We were casually singing later at home only to find them joining in from a room away... do you think they are picking up the language?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Three weeks as this family....

Ah, I love that God led us to adopt!

I am NOT saying everything is easy. Far from the truth, but it is GOOD.

Last week we ordered our new, big table. Yes, we could have ordered it before we traveled to get the kids, but until they were in our arms, I just didn't feel ready to get anything. We also bought another set of bunk beds, although the girls seem to have no problem sharing Zgirl's double bed. I've checked in on them, all snuggled together. Awwww.

Only a few more weeks of cramming around this one:

Speaking of sleeping, they decided they want to sleep with their siblings, and not us anymore. So we usually let them all wind down for half an hour in front of the TV, then it is off to bed. Yes, I used to be quite strict with TV viewing, but I have a feeling these 2 are going to see lots more TV then our other kids did at that age.
They love water, just like our other kids. Awesome!

I finally took out Kume's braids, and this is what it looks like after a deep conditioner and de-frizzer were used. I better get some good braiding books. Of course, I still think she looks adorable!