Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aug 14, 2008 - Aug 14, 2009

We got the call about our little sweetie on August 14, 2008. Yes, we were initially stunned (read here if you'd like), but now are excited (slight understatement) and grasping on to the truth that God has given us this privilege and responsibility to parent another of His children.

First glimpse EVER of our little girl....

Just got this picture from Natalie yesterday, Aug. 14, 2009....

Just a a little while longer, sweetie (end of October, hopefully)!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Why we aren't packing yet....

Many have asked when we are traveling. Bummer, but not yet. Many have heard about the new TB requirements, and our little one falls into that quagmire of more nonsensical waiting. Two main reasons:

1) She is not recognized as a US citizen at adoption.
2) She is HIV+, therefore required to do the TB sputum testing, even though for her health it would be FAR better for her to get out of a country where the risk of contracting TB while she waits is far more likely then that she would pose ANY risk in the States.

Here is a link to a great blog of one of the founders of Project HOPEFUL. This woman advocates for adoptive families of HIV+ children. On this link, she discusses the FACE act, a bill which Congress is currently considering. It makes COMPLETE sense. Please read it.

So, we wait patiently, hoping to travel in 10-12 weeks.