Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We're still here

Ah, yes, in case there is anyone out there still reading....

We are still here.

We have been in the midst of the most difficult decision-making time of our lives. As we wrestle back and forth, we just got some sad, difficult news about the twins' sister's health status. Oh, the reality of life in Ethiopia. So we pray some more.

But, life goes on and the twins are now in pre-Kindergarten and loving it so far. That means a couple of days a week, all the kids are out of the house. Wow, I got to go to Panera Bread with a group of friends while the kids were in school and I couldn't believe how relaxed I felt. I had no idea how busy and overwhelming it really has been around here, until I got a couple hours to myself.

Also, another feat. I am now walking again with a dear friend. The twins both learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, so they have been riding for 3 miles, while my friend and I walk and talk. Good thing, because the double stroller I have is a major workout for my arms, and I'd hate to get too buff....

For a while, they refused to put on their Ethiopian garb.
Finally, they were ready to take some pictures,
although apparently only corny ones.

Labor day weekend, the weather was absolutely glorious. Grand Haven is always one of my favorite spots, and as long as there is ice cream involved, the kids are pretty happy, too.

School days.

CJ leaves before everyone else, since he is in middle school.