Wednesday, January 21, 2009

out on a limb

Going out on a limb....

I have been pondering this. I have been thinking about why we are continually stepping a few more inches out on the limb we are on, rather than back-tracking to the safer, thicker, sturdier part of the branch. You know, the more comfortable place.

I am drawn to this. I think this limb-balancing and stretching has become a craving in my soul. I'm not sure addicted is the right word, since addiction is usually associated with something negative, but the best way I can describe our lives right now is that I feel addicted to being stretched, challenged, again forced into unknown territory. When I first left the security of the safe, thick branch, there was definitely fear involved. But, once we inched out, there was surprising peace and joy that far outweighed the fear. It was exhilarating. So, when asked to inch out again, yes, the fear was there again, but happily, we found that the peace and joy were there again once we crept those few inches (but not until we crept those inches). That has been the case for the past several years.

Why? Well, I will use Laura's (my soul sister's) response: "Out on the limb is where we need God the most and he shows himself the most." Simple, true and beautiful.

Also, love what 2 Tim 1:7 says: "For God does not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline."

When I (or we, as the case may be, since Farmboy is way out there with me) am out on the limb, I can ONLY do it because of the "spirit of power" that is in me because of my relationship with God. I would be a FOOL to be out on this limb in my strength.

So, I believe we are now moving a few inches (although it feels like several miles sometimes) further out on the limb. God has been so faithful before as we stepped further into needing him, and we are trusting in his faithfulness once again.


emily said...

I'm right there with you! Great post.

Laurel said...

With 13 children ... we have been out on that limb for a loooong time ... and God has always been faithful.

It really is an exciting place to be ... out on a limb with God, where only He can provide for us and keep us safe.

Laurel :)

Holly said...

So true... often times that peace doesn't come until you actually inch your way out there! And then, He's there! Pretty cool stuff.

coffeemom said...

Well said yourself Buttercup! I agree totally, obviously.

But you know, I've thought about this very thing. If it's an "addiction' of sorts. We've been accused, literally, of being "serial adopters" and just searching for that "high"...which is so bizarre and not said in a positive way at all.

But really this post clarifies that line of thinking. It IS an addiction of sorts, but you put it well and I think it's's NOT so much about being addicted to adoption. But rather the high that comes from being willing to try, haltingly perhaps, but to TRY, to WANT to follow God's will.

Not that others don't, but often, when you do, as you well know, it can take you to some scary terrifying spots: the high wire, so to speak. But the peace and the electric joy that comes from that spot when you open yourself up to the Grace that is needed to be there, is utterly addicting.

And then, yeah, it's hard to give it up, to stop. It should be! But you're also right that the peace and the high comes only after you have assented. That's maybe why it feels so good. Even as you are called to a cross and accept it, still that depth of sureness is something we all crave. We just don't all know it or we forget it (me).

Great post!!!! love M

Jen said...

I get it. I could not have said that a year ago, and I am sure that I will get it even more in a year from now. Well said. Great post!

Jim and Debbie said...

Beautifully said. You touched my heart today. Thanks for sharing.

Mary and Doug said...

I agree with the other comments. Beautiful post - and so applicable to my life as well.

Wolfemom said...

Great post!! It is where my faith grows the most... and were I have seen God's faithfulness!

The Albertsons said...

such true and lovely words... this life isn't meant to be
"safe", right???
I'm not sure how I feel about the current limb that I'm on, as it feels like it is about to snap off and crash to the ground, but I'm realizing (as of yesterday) that God might actually still be here, ready to save me again... that's a good feeling!
yall are wonderful and inspire me :).

Andrea said...

So well said! It's certainly been true for us, that the farther out on that limb we go, the more God shows up. I was speaking with someone the other day about the fact that we would SO rather be IN the will of God, that out of it!
God Bless

atHisrighthand said...

great post!
love ya girl... And believe me.. at the cooking class you are more than welcome to have my portion.. You know.. I need to be good at sharing.. a true example to my children.. :)

Melissa said...

I have been following your blog (through Gladney's site) since before you got the twins. Your faith has encouraged me so much in my own adoption journey! Your family is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!!

Nicole said...

This is beautiful... and exactly how I feel. You are blessed to have a husband that wants to continually be "out on that limb" with you. Right now I have a husband who wants to crawl back to the safe branch even though the Lord is calling us out on the limb. I know I cannot change my husband's mind... I know that the Lord can... and HAS 3 times before. I told him this evening essenitally "the safe branch is NOT where I want to be anymore". THANKS for posting this and explaining it so wonderfull.

Lori S said...

You are so right! I can feel the peace of God as we're hanging on to the limb with His strength. I know I will crawl out again if He calls me (and I'm SURE He will!)!

Angela said...

What a truly beautiful inspiring post. I also feel peace at being "out on a limb". When I'm out there, I clearly see God working in my life, performing miracles and breakthroughs that can only be authored by Him.

Robin said...

I so love this post. I think it's so true...for us the "limb" was a bridge without handrails...similar to the one in Shrek! The further we walked across the bridge, the more we realized we could never go back to how we were before. God's peace just surrounds you when you are in His will....Crazy to some....and how many times we've heard those exact words.....but we still continue to walk across our 'bridge' knowing God's in control.

Jen said...

Thinking of you out on the limb. This weeks bible study was on the book of Jonah. It centered on, do we run the other way or do we go to "Nineveh"? I have been doing a lot of praying to find my "Nineveh." I would say you do not run the other way. Thinking and praying for your family.

sparkz said...

True, True graet post. God is good and faithful. He has great plans!