Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twists and Turns

So yesterday we were on the phone with Gladney, as they are working hard to get some documents needed to process the I-600 immigration form in the States. We know time is getting short, but if we can get this form processed here, instead of how typically done in Ethiopia, we could have Gladney file our HIV waiver for us, instead of my filing it while in Ethiopia and waiting 2+ weeks for it to be approved, shortening my travel from 3+ weeks to only one week. This would be a HUGE blessing!

So I plan to contact my state representative, knowing I will need him to advocate for us so that USCIS can turn around the I-600 approval in about 5 weeks, instead of their typical 3-6 months.

Then late last night, our HIV advocacy group contacted me to let me know that as of yesterday, now the waiting on the TB test results for our little one is no longer required. So....once the embassy panel doctors sign off on her case, we can travel! So that could mean in a week, a couple weeks. Not...quite...sure, but SOONER. So we are still REALLY hoping to get the I-600 approved here in the States, but instead of a 5 week turn around, now we are talking about a 2 week turn around. Sounds impossible. Maybe it is. For the past year, I have been preparing myself for the longer trip, but in the past 2 weeks, with the possibility of shortening it significantly, I was feeling so much hopefulness about the possibility.

Some don't quite understand, thinking a nice long trip would be a wonderful way to see our children's birth country. And I totally agree --- when you are NOT adopting. The adoption trip is altogether different. Not a sight-seeing trip, but immensely emotional. Our sweet one will most likely be terrified of me at first, and I will just WANT TO GET HER HOME, start our family, start adjusting, settling in. That is virtually impossible while in Ethiopia, and without my sweet Farmboy, as he will be home with our 5 other kiddos.

Anyways, so again I am made profoundly aware how I have NO control in this adoption process. So we pray, do what we can, and see how God handles the rest.

Oh, and isn't she darling? She weighs more than Kume did when we adopted her, and Kume was 1.5 years older. Love the chub!


Monica said...

What exciting possibilities! I am praying for you. Can't wait to see your sweet little one with her family.

Paula said...

She is adorable, and getting there sooner and having a shorter stay would be fabulous! Good luck with getting the paperwork done here as quickly as possible.

Audrey said...

I know exactly what you mean about wanting to get home - praying for all of the paperwork to fly through and a quick trip to get that little darling home. You can just see the personality in her face - what a DOLL!

the Steiger's said...

She is so cute.
I am so happy for you and I cannot wait to see her in your arms and your whole family together:) God bless your family:)

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Oh what a dolly! I am so excited to hear that you may be able to travel sooner than expected and for a shorter time in country! Woo Hoo!

Tanya and Tony said...

What a miracle! I am so happy to hear some good news for you! I COMPLETELY understand the desire for a short stay and the quick return home. Attachment for toddlers is so difficult while there. Home made all the difference for us (as you know from your previous adoptions I'm sure). Praying for you, my adoption friend in Christ!

Annie said...

great news to hear of the possibly shorter trip.
we'll be praying.

Kristie said...

I just can't wait for the posting titled "We are home!!!" Keep us posted.
Rich and Kristie Vos

Sarah and Davis said...

I cried when I saw this picture! She is looking SO great (even better than when we saw her!) and she is coming HOME soon. What a joy!!!

Sparkz said...

She is BEAUTIFUL. I hope you can travel soon and that travel goes well. There is NO place like home and I can't wait until you can bring her there. So glad that they realized the error w/the HIV tests!!! Anyway were so happy for you!