Sunday, November 01, 2009

Buttercup meets Tater

Buttercup has arrived in Addis and settled in at the Ayat house. We had a brief conversation over the phone this afternoon. In case any of you did not know Buttercup is not taking custody of Lil' B until later in the trip. She hopes to do much more traveling in country this time and the newer regulations, since our first trip, don't allow traveling about with the kids.

I honestly think we're happier this way anyway as we've heard of other agencies that ease you in with your kids over a series of meetings rather than taking them right away. She and Tater had "meeting #1" Sunday afternoon. Travis of the in country staff asked Tater if she wanted to go to America... her answer - um, no. I cannot fathom what is going on in her little head. What a life thus far for this precious little one.

Buttercup spent a short hour with her and eased into the connection with some bubbles & games. She had the opportunity to hold her and said it was a very successful first meeting... one last thing that got passed on... oh, and she has "good hair"... yes!

Tomorrow they hope to head off to the village where the 3 kids grew up in. This is honestly the part of the trip I am most jealous of. I am so hopeful we can get some pictures to help piece together more of their heritage. If we can get some pictures of their homes and surroundings and hopefully even some extended family how awesome would that be?

The days ahead should allow for a few more short meetings with Lil'B then taking her back to Ayat on Wednesday.

A few have inquired how I am doing here. Some say your head may swell very slightly when there is lots of stress. Others say in the rarest most concerning cases the opposite effect of a shrinking head may occur... well here's a picture of me with a few of the kids.

Actually, all is well back here at home... we're ready & waiting!


Lori S said...

What an amazing journey that Buttercup must be on!! Knowing what to expect, yet having control over the details!! So proud of the decision you and your family have made! Excited to follow the rest of the journey!!!

Paula said...

We didn't take custody of our kids until the third time we were with them. I do think it helped some with the transition. But we didn't get an opportunity to travel really at all and would have loved to have seen our girls' birth place. I'm so happy that Buttercup is getting that opportunity!

jillybean1023 said...

Hilarious pic!

coffeemom said...

What great news!! I am praying for you all, especially for Buttercup and teacup during this transition time! LOVE reading this post!!!! Thanks Farmboy!


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