Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm swimming over, who's with me?

We were e-mailed more pictures of our kids today.

A couple in particular struck me because the kids were smiling and holding a couple of the gifts we had sent over in a care package. Ouch. I mean it's fun to see that but this is a LITTLE different than a normal pregnancy. This whole ocean away thing is... hard.

I was also relieved to see the kids holding our family picture and they were STILL smiling! I think the words that were used in the e-mail was "they clung on to your pictures" I don't cling on to very many things... but I'd have to agree, I don't know if I've ever waited in anticipation of photos like I have with this.

Funny or disturbing? We threatened our youngest (aka - Action) that we were not going to let him go with us to Ethiopia if he did not eat his asparagus last night. I can laugh today, but can't imagine the upcoming battle "You're not leaving this table until you eat your Injera bread young man!"

We were also mailed an update a couple days ago from some of the in country staff... "(T2) is a little smaller than (T1) but no less active! It seems when the adult to kid ratio changes the energy will change, too... as soon as the fun starts she is definitely in the middle. (T1) is enthusiastic about life! And I think it runs in the family, judging by his sister (T2)! In a house full of kids (T1) has no trouble matching the energy level of the others! He is bright and friendly and will surely settle down a little when he is not around so many kids"

It sounds to me like these 2 will fit right in with our family. We are going to be one noisy clan!

By the way, we still are fighting through bureaucracy & paper chasing with the NVC. We are trying to not have that steal our joy but we could still use your prayers on that glitch.

Well that's enough for now... aka - soon2B "father of 5"... Farmboy


Denise said...

I'm so glad you got nice new photos of the kids with their care package! That has to mean a lot. I'm praying for you and the paperwork issues.

the albertsons said...

I'll swim over with you... no problem! I'm so ready to go get my boy! Glad you got new pictures, and praying that the CIS issues are resolved quickly!

renee treat said...

Ok, Becca's swimming and I'm in too! Grab a raft and let's get going! Our court dates have to be successful and we'll all be thinking about you while you clear up this crazy CIS mess! Hang in there and I can't wait to see pictures of those kiddos!

Jessica & Kevin Perberg said...

Praying for a successful court date! I love the pics of the kids with the faces blocked, that is so cute and can't wait to see those faces!