Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Two Three, Not it!

My poor wife, Sweet Buttercup is tired. Alas, defiant - convinced she is above the trivial and meaningless blogism that makes blogs, well, blogs maybe. Tagged, ignored, tagged again, nothing. Hmmm, what's a Farmboy to do... "As you wish."

I tag me to share 7 random (although selectively chosen) things about ... Buttercup. Wouldn't be fun to talk about a poor farmboy.

1) Buttercup is not her real name... it's hmm, nah. Even though I'm convinced everyone knows it anyway, we're still holding fast to the illusion this IS an alias. I will share this tidbit though... Buttercup has no real middle name. Parents suggest even to this day that her first name is SO beautiful she didn't need a middle one. Well - maybe so.

2) Buttercup is smart. Like 4.0 smart. Salutatorian at a big suburban metro school. Legend even has it that she WOULD have been valedictorian if Dominic Stupido or whatever his name was didn't transfer in his senior year. Actually if I had a nickel for every time I heard that story I'd probably have well, maybe like thirty five cents or something like that. That Dominic Stupido!

3) She does NOT like Pop. Get this... the bubbles hurt her throat. Ouch. Ok, I'm laughing at her. On the other hand, she'll drink pickle juice straight from the jar. I walk in the house. fridge wide open, head back like a "got milk" add, only it's sweet pickle delight. UGH.

4) If you sell something that is free after rebate, she will buy it. Seriously. Now the adoption tax credit was totally NOT the reason we adopted, but I tell yah, her eyes did light up a bit when I told her how it worked. We have not paid for toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, shavers, or extension cords in YEARS, in fact my father actually told us to STOP putting them in his stocking at Christmas. Our cup overflows... We have conversations like... "you know, I think I would actually pay for this one" while getting ready for bed. The best is when she actually makes money on purchases. "Oh my WORD, what is this?" "Ahh, nothing... I made a dollar to buy it." ...Stocking stuffer.

5) Apparently she stalked me for the greater part of a year before we actually met. I was a college senior while she a tender sophomore. I can honestly say I do remember getting strange phone calls that went like this. "Is Farmboy there?" "This is Farmboy" Girlsgonemild-Calvin College style. We did meet at a toga party, actually. Tan girl in white bedsheet at keg with beer. Yeah, I'm in love.

6) Neither of us grew up with a heart for adoption or any life long indication that we would adopt. Neighbors of ours adopted just 3 years ago, and my honest reaction at that point was - Huh. God has though, before and since that date put some people and events in our life that planted us at exactly this point. One notable event was housing Mohamed Farmboy Jr. Salem, a boy from Western Sahara, Africa, in our house for 2 summers through our church and later for a 3rd time indefinitely. OUR plan was to bring him to America and educate him in the states for the remainder of his schooling, 7th grade on. He grew homesick and, just like that, went home. Weird. I'm not sure we adopt if he stays. GOD knew where He was headed.

7) This woman is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Believe me, I don't need to go looking for adventure with the catalyst for it sitting next to me. I am the fear to her GO. She has a gift of wisdom, passion for prayer, appetite for HIS word, and a little bit of dynamite thrown in. Since you asked, I will let her share more herself.

When I TAG her to death. Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag, Tag. All 7 baby... You're it.

Don't be mistaken... this one was scripted by the one called Farmboy.


Jen said...

Buttercup, I think Farmboy did a lovely job. I smiled through all 7. Thank you. I think that what God is doing with your family is inspirational. While the day in, day out may be hard, tiring, and just plain "not fun", from the distance, it is amazing to see His hand in it so clearly. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jim and Ryane said...

Ha! I do the same thing with the free after rebates. Jim used to think I was nuts but now that I have enough Pert Plus and Fusion razors to last him for the next 3 years he's impressed.

Loved the list! Hope the paperchase is going smoothly.


Denise said...

That was a fun read. :)

coffeemom said...

Farmboy, I'm so glad you chime in on this blog! you are great fun! what a pair you are!

Rebecca said...

buttercup - i love that your husband did your tag! So cute! It was a really fun 'seven things' to read :)

Wolfemom said...

Love it! Great job Farmboy. My hubby tells everyone about our blog, but calls me everytime for the name of it. I love that you post too :)

Audrey said...

Awesome job - so sweet!

sparkz said...

Speaking of tags. I tag you again... Its an easy one though and only when you have time. I enjoyed the read.

Kristy -Mom To 6 Blessings said...

Oh Farmboy, you are just too much! Thanks for the great laugh! Hope you are all doing well in Farmboy and Buttercup land! :-)