Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our new ride

Oh, we LOVED our Honda Odyssey. It was very good to us for the past 10 years. But, hey, we need a car that fits 8 now, and thought it was about time.

The plan was to buy the new car once we had the successful court date. No, we don't have a court date yet.

A huge motivator -- we leave for a 21 hour trip to Florida on Thursday. All of a sudden, it seemed crucial to get the larger car NOW. Oh, you know it totally made sense...we want an "enjoyable" family vacation, and with a tad more breathing room during the loooong trek, hopefully the new car adds to the enjoyment.

So we are now driving a "new-to-us" Yukon XL. So I thought we were getting a Suburban, but I found out these Yukon XL's and Suburbans are exactly the same. Goes to show the wonderful efficiency of the American auto industry. Must be why it is doing so spectacularly right about now.

My favorite extra -- the heated seats. Toasty! Hey, what can I say? We live in Michigan....

Oh, and just had to add a picture of my girls.

We got the double/single bunk beds so there would be lots of room. But they both usually crash on the bottom double, with the dog, of course. The other night I could not resist capturing this moment.


coffeemom said...

NIce!!!! Love the pics! They're sisters!

And the car...that's the car I drive! But the heater on my seats stopped working this winter...awwwwww, and boy do I miss it! One of my favorite things. (don't worry we have 130K miles on my car, you've got a ways to go before they quit). Enjoy your road trip! Love m

Amanda said...

Your girls are so cute!

Congratulations on the new car - we love the heated seats in the winter.

Denise said...

Hey there - responding to your comment on my blog about us moving to the smaller place... I would love to share more, it would especially be good once I process it and live it out a bit. I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

I'll bet your vacation will be much more awesome with a big vehicle. Mini vans only go so far. :)

Annie said...

love the sweet :)

have a wonderful trip in your new wheels!

The Albertsons said...

so so sweet!!!!
and i bet you love your new car, especially b/c you're one of those families who actually NEED it!!! (zach and i always wonder why some people with 1 or 2 kids drive one of those???).
Hope you have a great time in FL...

Paula said...

Adorable photo. :)
There seems to be a run on large vehicles the last week or so in a certain segment of the

Lori S said...

Yaaay! We almost bought a Yukon XL but ended up finding a Suburban for less--that cinched it! Our new feature that I love is the dual temperature control! I like to be hot, my hubby likes to be cold--voila!
The pics of the girls are cute! How sweet! We have the same bunk set up for our 3, they ALL sleep on the TOP!! Can't figure that one out!

Thanks for the words of wisdom and scriptural reference that you left on my blog--I'm really soaking up support and encouragement these days!!!

Have a FUN trip!!

erika's funny farm said...

Sweet pictures of your girls.

Congrats on the new ride. I drive a suburban, and it does make for a comfy cross country trip. (And, the heated seats are good even in the summer if your back is sore)

Chris and Dawn said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog the other day! We just got a new set of wheels ourselves — a Nissan Quest! The funny part? We drive a minivan and our baby boy from Ethiopia isn't even here yet. Even funnier? My husband drives it! I drive our Civic for gas reasons. Enjoy your vacation and your new set of wheels!

Sparkz said...

CUTE picts! :) Just looking over your blog b/c its been a while. You've had your hands full but looks like there have been a lot of good times. Praying for your newest adoption step!