Thursday, April 16, 2009

stalls and obstacles along the way

Many in the adoption community know that there are now new TB requirements in place set up by the CDC for all internationally adopted kids, and the US embassy in Ethiopia needs to comply. For most kids, this will only add a minimal wait, if any. We're talking something like adding on a couple days to a couple of weeks. For HIV+ kids, however, the embassy is requiring that all kids undergo extensive testing for TB, even if they initially test negative for TB. And they are estimating results to be in within 2-3 months. Another part of the bummer is that none of the testing can take place until after a successful court date. Sooooo, that means we wait at least another 2-3 months after a successful court date before we can travel, but we are told to plan on it realistically adding on 4 months to the wait.

There is a chance there could be some better news in the future. There is a great advocacy agency,, that is committed to help with this in any way they can. But in the mean time, I guess we just try to stay at peace with how this is all unfolding, since I haven't found a Bible verse yet that says something like -- give thanks in all circumstances, unless you hear frustrating news from your embassy. I am still looking for, rejoice always, unless you feel like you are getting the shaft, then you have permission to get really grumpy.


Holly said...

You've got to be kidding me. ARG. One more extra hoop for parents of HIV+ kids. Nice. It's not enough that you have to spend more time and a considerable extra amount of money in country and paid to USCIS for the visa and waiver when you go to pick up your child, but now the HIV+ kids are being put through extra intensive TB testing? It rots my socks. When will the discrimination against the HIV+ kids end? The USA federal gov't should be ashamed. Seriously.

Sorry you have to roll with this...

Cat and Mark said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hadn't heard this news. We are experiencing delays ourselves (still trying to pass court... six months now) but that is so incredibly frustrating. We'll keep our fingers crossed that things speed up.

Paula said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting... so much waiting.

When you find those Bible verses, let me know because those sound like the ones I'm looking for too.


Holli said...

always obstacles! but what I am learning is the more God wants something the world and the Devil are trying as hard as they can to stop His plan! But of course HE ALWAYS WINS and His plan comes to pass!!!
Happy ONE YEAR Famiversary!!!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry for the extra waiting... it is just so unfair. I am thnnkful though that people like Carolyn and Leslie are working hard to get this fixed. Praying it happens SOON so these precious little ones don't have to wait any longer. Amy

The Roberts Family said...

So sorry to hear this news ..... committing to pray you through, dear sister!!! Much love, Shelly

coffeemom said...

You know how much I hate this, for you, for her, for the whole deal.....And I don't have anythign that is comforting as I've looked and looked for those verses you are looking for too..I knew they were in there somewwhere, right??? OK, maybe not. But I did, in adoration this morning, read todays Mass readings and this was the psalm calling again and again for today: "His mercy endures forever." And well ,that is enough hope for today, it has to be.

PRaying praying praying w/out ceasing for you guys!!! Much love M

Jen said...

I am so sorry. You have been so patient. We will continue to keep her and you in our prayers.

Jennifer said...

I am right there waiting with you. My trip has been delayed to pick up my twin girls because of this. I am hoping and praying that this discrimination will end. soon. for our children.

The Albertsons said...

you totally have the right to be grumpy :(.
I'm sorry friends... hope this all gets cleared up quickly... praying about that for sure.

Mary and Doug said...

Really sorry to hear this discouraging news! I will be praying for your continued patience on this journey and know that it will all be worth it - and the timing just right.


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