Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas fun

No adoption news, but today I feel pretty content as we wait.

We are basically ready for Christmas. Last week, our church was cancelled due to a snow storm, so the first thing Farmboy and I thought about was, "Hey, let's get our Christmas shopping done." So, we and thousands of others were not deterred by the snow and completed our shopping. This is actually earlier than normal for us, so it felt pretty good to be done this early (I know, that is not really early, but we have been known to be shopping right about now).

We have tried to intentionally focus more on the birth of Jesus this season. We have done some advent readings together at home, just talked a ton about His great gift and Z Girl and I had a chance to go caroling with women from our church at a nursing home. All in hopes to have us get away from being self-absorbed. I think they are getting it, as the other night when our oldest, CJ, was praying, he thanked Jesus for his upcoming birthday we get to celebrate.

My dear friend, Laura, had a suggestion I want to use with the kids. Since it is Jesus' birthday, what are we giving him? On Christmas Eve or Christmas, I hope to talk with the kids about what we can give him as gifts. We will help them with suggestions if they need them, but really, we just want to be thinking about "helping the least of these" as Jesus would, and see what that might look like for us.

We need to capture what this tree looked like before the needles started to shower down hourly. We were opting for a different kind of tree this year, but hope to remember for years to come to NEVER again get a Norway Spruce. Farmboy even suggested we take the tree down before Christmas because we are so sick of the needle showers.

This tree was decorated exclusively by the kids and these two got a little hyper (like usual). At least this fake tree doesn't shower us, to0.

A few years ago, I got a couple extra stocking holders and one extra stocking, just in case. Hopefully next year we will actually need them. Sorry, cats, after Christmas I hope to get a good deal on another stocking, so your bitty one will have to go.


Mindy said...

Congratulations on having the shopping finished so early! And thank you for sharing the ways your family has made an extra effort to not forget what Christmas is really about this year. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Denise said...

Two Christmas trees? Wow, you're good.

Tarah said...

Hello Sharon! Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Congrats on expanding your family. I be next Christmas will be a little louder at your house.
I LOVE your couches, I think we have almost the same ones!:) Good taste girl.