Tuesday, December 25, 2007


First of all, I have been told we should use nicknames to protect our privacy, so here goes. We have a feeling our kids are going to have a lot of things they will want to blame us for in the future, so we hope to make our blog not be one of them (as they try to get a job, get into college, get a wife, join the CIA...) We are so on the relaxed end of the spectrum when it comes to being overly cautious, but, hey, nicknames are kind of fun.

So, introducing my beloved, handsome husband -- Farmboy. I wanted to name him Wesley, but he didn't think that sounded masculine enough. As you wish. Whatever. I, then, must be Buttercup. For those of you that are scratching your heads, rent The Princess Bride or borrow it from us.

Our oldest is CJ, short for Chad Johnson, or "ocho cinco", We got him a Chad Johnson Cincinnati Bengals jersey last Christmas and had no idea he would wear the darn thing virtually every day for the rest of 5th grade. This year, as a middle schooler, we attempted to spare him tortuous middle school ridicule and informed him he can only wear it once a week. In school, that is, at home, the jersey basically goes on every day again.

Our second is Z Girl, short for Zoe Girl, as she is all about music, singing, playing the piano, listening to our IPOD or her own new MP3 player, or dancing to Dance Dance Revolution. Great job on your recent performances, sweetie.

Our youngest is Action. He also was debating between Fettuccine Alfredo (who knows why -- he hates the stuff) and Einstein, since he loves math. But Action fits him well.

So, unless I screw up, these are our incognito names.

With that, hope you have/had a great birthday party for a King today!!!

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SlowPoke said...

My name is Wesley, and am deeply offended by your comments.