Friday, June 12, 2009

3.5 hours into summer vacation....

It took only 3 hours into our summer vacation to have a medical incident. OchoCinco drove his knee head on into a tramp bar splitting it WIDE OPEN. So my sweet Buttercup calls me at work informing me she needs to take him to the emergency room. So to clarify when I say it was WIDE open, bone exposed, I mean 2 inches long and and 1 inch wide. I know this is a family program so I will spare you the before stitches picture. Maybe if you want a glimpse, imagine a huge carp with its bloody mouth wide open... My words at the sight of it were simply "oh my". We were thrilled to hear it was only stitches, 18 of them. Now a bit of a trophy for the young man.

Considering our homestudy is complete, I guess I can confess we sometimes do let the small stuff go... The mother of the friend whose house the trampoline incident was at spewed apologetically about it. We laughed it off and didn't even call a lawyer. Imagine.

I guess here's the bottom line. Our kids run and skin their knees. They run barefoot and they climb trees. They ride bikes in the street and the older ones don't ever wear a helmet. Sometimes I wonder if we were just that crazy when I was a kid or if we've maybe lost a little bit with this overprotective attitude lately. Not sure.

Action's latest quest... (hopefully no more medical incidents to come)

Yep, he's smiling!


Jen said...

Never a dull moment when the house is full of children. He will wear that scar proudly.

the Steiger's said...

Oh my!!!
We have not made it to ER this summer (yet) We got very close few weeks ago. So far so good.

Laurel said...

Ouch! That will make a mighty fine scar.

Amen to the "overprotective" mode that society has gotten into. Drives me CRAZY sometimes.

I have a pic of my 4 year old 15 ft. up in a Palm Tree ... with a big grin on his face.

Oh ... were we supposed to call a lawyer when our son fell out of a friend's hayloft and broke his arm ... or when our daughter fell out of another friend's hayloft and broke her arm ... or when another daughter fell on a friend's trampoline and broke her leg? Oops ... we don't have an attorney to call.

Looks like summer is going to be FUN at your place.

mama of 13

Cat and Mark said...


The Deurs said...

You gotta love summer!!

I need advice on hair products. What should I get? HELP!!

coffeemom said... it REALLY summer w/out at least one trip to the ER??? Nah! Great bragging rights there, w/ a million stories he can make up about it. Every young man needs a good scar....kidding. Glad it wasn't worse!
I LOVE summer!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Glad to hear all is well and prayerfully, no more trips to the ER...

ETA: And whoever heard of suing one another for our children's accidents...thank you for having and using common sense--- the kind that isn't so common anymore.

The Albertsons said...

nice one OchoCinco!
(glad to see he changed his name, too... :).
glad all is well... that will be a very cool battle scar!

ali said...

no bike helmets here either. i never had one! a helmet in 90* weather??? thats where the real danger is!