Monday, June 08, 2009

They are ON the charts!!!

Woo hoooo!!!

So the twins are now officially on the US growth charts. Kume is now between the 5th and 10th percentile and Jambo is at the 25th percentile. This is really great growth, since they were both FAR below even the bottom of the growth chart just a year ago. Thank God for chock-full-o-growth-hormones milk (oh, please, I am all about healthy, but if the milk can give a little boost, I won't complain).

Oh, and we really do have plenty of beds for sleeping, but our sweet little Kume prefers to snuggle up to whomever will tolerate her for the night.

Here is a picture of our Ethiopian giants :)
* the twins laugh hysterically at this picture *

Just had to add this one. Farmboy is hopeful we (the Red Wings) will win the Stanley Cup this year. We are awfully close.


coffeemom said...

IT's not JUST the milk you's all that loving family adn great mom and dad..that's what! Aren't they simply beautiful?? Big and beautiful! Good job mom and dad!!!!! Love and prayers always, M

Ryane said...

Such cuties!!

Praying that little sis will be able to join those two sweeties soon.


Jen said...

Great job! Getting on the growth charts is a big step!
Can't wait to get the little one home. We will keep you in our prayers.

Paula said...

Hey, my homegrown 15 year old daughter has never been above the 5th percentile on any growth chart... so they're doing great!!! Love the sleeping pictures. Our twins are doing the same thing.

Sparkz said...

Wow they are getting big! Can't wait to see their new little sister! Checking in on the progress!

Mary said...

Looking forward to the day :-) On the charts would be wonderful! the photo!

Amber said...

They look so grown up already. I love the pictures.

also, hang in there, Lil B will be home soon.

J, A and T said...

Oh my adorable. Love the sleeping pic. Hoping and praying for good news for you all soon!

J, A and T said...
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J, A and T said...

Sorry I posted the same comment twice and deleted the second. Now leaving a third.....ekkkk! :)