Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blessed to be a blessing

Once there was a people who surveyed the resources of the world and said to each other, “How can we be sure that we will have enough in hard times? We want to survive whatever happens. Let us start collecting food, materials, and knowledge so we are safe and secure when a crisis occurs.” So they started hoarding, so much and so eagerly that other peoples protested and said, “You have much more than you need, while we don’t have enough to survive. Give us part of your wealth!”

But the fearful hoarders said, “No, no, no, we need to keep this in case of emergencies, in case things go bad for us too, in case our lives are threatened.”

Time passed, and the others said, “We are dying now. Please give us food and materials and knowledge to survive. We can’t wait. We need it now.”

And then the fearful hoarders became even more fearful, because they were afraid that the poor and the hungry would attack them. So they said to one another, “Let us build walls around our wealth so that no stranger can take it away from us.” And thus they started erecting walls so high that they could not see any more whether there were enemies outside or not. And as their fear increased they told each other, “Our enemies have become so numerous that they may be able to tear down our walls. Our walls are not strong enough to keep them away. We need to put bombs on top of the walls so that nobody will dare to even come close to us.”

But instead of feeling safe and secure behind their armed walls, they found themselves trapped in the prison they had built with their own fear. They even became afraid of their own bombs, wondering if they might harm themselves more than their enemy. And gradually they realized that their fear of death had brought them closer to it.

(This parable, written by Henri Nouwen, speaks of the dangers that develop when we allow darkness and fear to gain the upper hand in our lives, when we find ourselves bound tightly by suspicion and greed.)

Struck by it's relevance for today... and it being a picture of me & us.

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Natalie Fournet said...

I love this story. I recently finished Red Letters with this parable, and really was challenged by the book's author. Best to you! Natalie

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

Thanks for sharing and trying so hard to stay positive and focused on Him!
By the way, I was trying to be as creative as you are with "screen" names for our just didn't work!
How can you keep up with it?
I decided on more of the Pacifier style of naming...Oldet son, Youngest son, Oldest daughter, Youngest daughter! Creative huh?!?! HA! :-)

The Roberts Family said...

Hey! .. I see you're still here a-waitin' away! Just wanted to say hey! Praying for you today. Keep on hangin' in there (do we really have any other choice?). :) Blessings! ~Shelly

Jen said...

I loved this post and found it ironic that it was written a little over a year ago. Seems even more relevant today.