Saturday, January 19, 2008

Our first birthday of 2008

Once the new year comes around, within 2 short weeks we have the chance to celebrate our youngest's birthday. This year, he wanted a mohawk for a gift. Hey, how could I not resist plowing through his hair with my clippers.

For the family party, both sets of grandparents were able to come, along with his aunt, uncle and cousins on Buttercup's side. Even though his cousins are 4 and 3, he really has a blast with them. In fact, he often says, "I want a boy Aaron's age and a girl Sarah's age so I can pester them." How sweet....

He got great presents that fit him -- Action.

Here they are: a baseball glove (hopefully he doesn't lose this one, too) a skateboard, a new football (I guess the other 5 or 6 we have weren't just right), 20 Questions, another hoodie sweatshirt (this time a soccer one) and a watch (now he and Grandpa L. are completely synchronized again).

For the cake, he wanted a Bengals cake and he got it, sort of.

Wow! I can't believe our youngest is 8!!! At least he still likes to snuggle with me every night. Wonder how long that will last....

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