Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our New Year's at Manna

Bob and Kristen, friends of ours from the snowy north, just purchased a cabin already named "Manna" by the previous owners, and invited us and another family to spend NewYear's with them at Manna. What a blast!

We spent Sunday and Monday nights there and it was perfect weather for sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hiking, whatever. We also enjoyed playing games in Manna and eating all kinds of the typical "hanging out" munchies.

All the boys, CJ, Action, Kevin and Lucas, enjoyed riding on Bob's "tool" (yeah, right, Bob, sure it's a tool, totally necessary and definitely not a "toy"). Actually, it was extremely helpful to haul all our stuff up the driveway since our cars couldn't make it up the icy path.

Z girl and Kelli hanging in the loft, probably playing yahtzee, scattergories, or something like that.

OK, our kids had more hot chocolate this weekend than in their total previous lives, thanks to the industrial coffee maker with round-the-clock hot water.
Dear friend Laura and Buttercup relaxing.
Chuck and Buttercup getting ready to snowmobile. Yes, everyone went a few times, but this is the only close up shot we have.
Getting ready for 2008 with Charades....

.... and Apples to Apples - new Bible Edition (thanks, Cheryl)

We packed everything in, even a birthday party. Wow! Forty-one! Bob, I can't imagine how it must feel, me being only 38 and all.

Finally, sadly, we didn't get to engage in the incredible American tradition of watching the ball drop as there is no cable at Manna, so the kids improvised with a ball of masking tape that they dropped on 2008. This could really catch on all over the world....

We also had a visit by a guardian angel while CJ was driving the snowmobile and Buttercup was hanging on for dear life. All in all, this was definitely a wonderful way to bring on the new year.

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